Dental exams, while not the top priority on everyone’s list, are still very important. Regular check-ups ensure that potential problems are caught before they become major issues, and routine cleanings help maintain optimal oral health. At Great American Smiles in Austin, we’ve designed our exams to be gentle, thorough, and enjoyable. We want you to feel comfortable at all times, and know that you (and your teeth) are in good hands. If there’s anything we can do to make your time with us better, we’ll gladly do it!

Your First Exam

During your first exam with us, we’ll go over your dental history and any issues you’ve noticed with your teeth or gums. Our hygienist will examine your teeth and gums, looking for problem areas, and take X-rays to check for any hidden issues. They will discuss proper brushing and flossing techniques, and recommend methods you can adopt to improve your oral health. Depending on your age and lifestyle, there may be certain things you can do to avoid cavities or decay, or maintain the usefulness of your dentures or dental implants.

We will then conduct a thorough cleaning of your teeth, all while making sure you’re comfortable. We know that a dental cleaning probably isn’t your favorite thing, but we’ll be as gentle and as communicative as possible. If you need to stop for a few moments, we’ll take a break and let you relax a bit. Following the cleaning, the dentist will examine your teeth and inform you of any cavities or problems that may require further attention.

With regular dental treatment, you can look forward to a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. If you’re searching for a new dentist in Austin, or it’s been awhile since you had an exam, please contact our office today!