10 Stars if I Could

Did you ever think you would be writing a 5 star review about a dentist? I sure didn’t. If I could give 10 stars I would.

My son’s school called and my son was in excruciating pain. He needed to see the dentist ASAP. This is at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I’m sure most dentist close about 5 o’clock, so am I to do?

His normal dentist says that they will put him on pain meds and wait till later on in the week. That’s just not acceptable. Me and my husband proceed to call about 24 different dentist and nobody can get him in.

I think the universe had a hand in making sure we got to the right place. My husband called this dentist and Sarah answered the phone, sweet as could be. Genuinely sympathetic and did everything she could to try to get us in immediately.

This dentist was the best! She was so incredibly friendly. So knowledgeable. Had my son laughing and feeling at ease before getting his root canal. She did not act like she was rushed because it was the end of the day. She truly does care about her patients.

They have an amazing dental plan and because of the stellar customer service and the great energy of this place me and my has husband will now be clients and my son will be coming here from now on.

This place is cute, comfortable, and even has a comfy couch for you while you are waiting.

Here’s the kicker, I received a voicemail at 8 o’clock at night from the dentist herself checking on my son, giving me her cell phone number just in case we need anything!!

Are you kidding me?! Amazing. Customer service like that rarely exist these days I’m truly appreciative. I love people and businesses like that.

Just that day I had been struggling. Considering leaving my high-paying high ranking job. Because I believe in PEOPLE FIRST I need to be somewhere that believes in that too. I was wondering if that even existed anymore.

Thank you Great American and Caroline for showing me that it does.

KrisCina J.