No Longer Ashamed

A while back I went to one of those large chain dentists. I left feeling defeated and ashamed of the condition I had let my teeth get. I was given a quote of over 20k worth of work that needed to be done, and even with insurance, the out of pocket expense was more than I could handle. A year later, with no insurance, I was in need of some emergency help. Dr. Jones answered her phone on a sunday AND gave me immediate relief over the phone by telling me how to alleviate pain that 2 emergency rooms were not able to do. She got me in the very next morning and fixed my problem. She also informed me that I did not need the ridiculous amount of work that I was told. We created a realistic plan to tackle my dental issues. Because of my past experiences, I never thought I could afford, much less was worthy, of anything cosmetic. Less than 2 months after my emergency, I have the smile I have dreamed of for years. I am no longer ashamed of my teeth. I do not fear the dentist. I am not intimidated by the scope of work. Her membership plan has enabled me to get over 10k worth of services, including cosmetic, for less than half of that, and I didn’t have to go to Mexico! She is so passionate about making a difference, and she truly has made a difference in my life.

Traci H.