When it comes to dentists, and their practices, I have always been wary. Having had a couple of bad experiences in the past, and then having tried to get in to see someone only to be put on a waiting list for a month or longer before they could even consult with me…I had all but given up on ever finding a good dentist again. I loathed trying to find a good dentist so badly, I waited 22 years to search again, and only because of an issue that occurred suddenly.

Enter Great American Smiles and Caroline Jones. All I can really say is WOW! She absolutely cares about her work ethics, her business, and her patients and it shows. I thought I was lucky to just get in to have a consultation with her about an older veneer that debonded Tuesday. I walked in fully prepared to discuss the dental disaster I call a mouth and get “on the books” and wait a couple of weeks. I set up the consultation for Thursday (earliest I had available on my schedule) on the website and showed up to be greeted by name by Caroline herself. You simply don’t get that anywhere else in the medical or dental industry that I know about. She is a very friendly and personable professional.

So not only did we meet, but she took the time to rebond the veneer after taking a look more closely at it to verify it wasn’t damaged and the tooth side was okay as well. She also explained why my teeth are the way they are…prior to this, I was never able to converse with the dentist and certainly never got the how and the why from them. If you have had a bad experience with dentistry in the past, look no further…luvin’ my new dentist. Even if you are wary or nervous…her consultations are free and it will only take up a little bit of your time to meet.

Mitch L.